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TechStep Profile

We Are Awwared Winning Company

TechStepis a Fully PSEB IT Training | Consultancy| Outsourcing, delivering intelligent business solutions, technical support, Software House and a diverse range of IT Training| Consultancy| Outsourcing to clients. TechStep adds consummate business value to industries through IT Training| Consultancy| Outsourcing, IT Infrastructure and Enterprise Management. TechStepprovides clients with the information they require to support their strategic IT decision making. Detailed technical advice and knowledge is provided through our team of highly qualified IT specialists, certified. Our customers range from small, fast-moving organizations, through to large nationwide corporations, each with an individualsetofneedsandobjectives. Our successes mirror our ambition and we pride ourselves on the manner in which we manage both ourcustomerandbusinesspartnerrelationships.Our future is based upon our ability to adapt to techno- logical change and to appreciate our customer’s needs.

We Have Worldwide Business

TechStep is providing different solution in different field of Information Technology. More than 25 IT experts are leading in different domain to provide the best solution services. TechStep is providing services all over the world using virtual leadership concept. TechStep provides the dynamic solutions to the client so that their system should be robust to use. TechStep is working according to the rules and regulations of Pakistan Software Export Board

We Build Readymade Applications

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Clean and Modern Design

Our Vision is to bring Microsoft latest technology to the region & Microsoft IT Training | Consultancy| Outsourcing, create hi-tech jobs for our youth and position TechStep as Microsoft IT Training | Consultancy | Outsourcing All our customers perform mission critical tasks every day. Assured that their infrastructure will be handled seamlessly by with high End Technical Expertise in Microsoft products, we are focused to serve our customers with the rightMicrosoft technologies IT Training | Consultancy with optimum level of support.

24/7 Dedicated Support

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